Why do we need Vesting Swap?

Facilitating traders

In cryptocurrency, swapping refers to exchanging one coin or token for another. The market is constantly expanding even when it’s not an optimistic market condition - Buy low and sell high. Swap will be the seamless way for them to proceed and invest in the Aptos ecosystem.

Facilitating Users who are losing confidence in CEX

This also facilitates the users who are losing confidence with centralised exchanges. The increased outflow shows that investors are panicking and reacting to the fear that more CEXs will crumble with users’ assets in their possession. On-chain trading will be the alternative way for users to back tokens as well as the ecosystem.

Increase Liquidity

Aptos ecosystem is currently lacking liquidity; users are yet to find a stable protocol that provides consistent yields and rewards that is self-sustaining. With Vesting Swap, this can be achieved.

Incentive > Fees

0 Fee Swap is not healthy for the current ecosystem

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