SuiLaunch Initial Bond Offering (IBO)

At AptosLaunch, we are always committed to innovating new launchpad solutions for our community, and we are launching the SuiLaunch Token (SLT) with our new product - Initial Bond Offering (IBO).

How does IBO work?

The SuiLaunch IBO is going to be conducted using AptosLaunch's Vesting Swap Technology

Users will be able to bond in the following assets in return for $SLT:

  • $ALT

  • $APT

  • $USDT

  • $ALT/$SLT LP Tokens

Here is an example demonstrating how it works:

For example

  • The $ALT/$SLT Bonding rate is 1:10 (The Bonding Rate changes after each batch finishes.)

  • The lockup period is 7 days and each epoch time is 6 hours, which means there will be 28 epochs in total

  1. A user uses 1000 $ALT to purchase SLT via the Vesting Swap Function with the Bonding Rate at 1 $ALT : 10 $SLT.

  2. The total expected tokens received will be 10,000 $SLT.

  3. 10,000 SLT will be released to the user across the lockup period; 7 days. There will be a total of 28 epochs for the next 7 days. Each epoch time is 6 hours.

  4. The user will be receiving 357.14 SLT per epoch, which means 1428.57 tokens a day for the next 7 days.

  5. Note* Once you have swapped the ALT for the discounted SLT using the Vesting Swap Function, you will not able swap back using the Vesting Swap Function, but you can swap back to $ALT in the $ALT/$SLT pool.

This has not been done in the launchpad space before and it ensures fair opportunities for everyone in the community - no early investors, no unnecessary lock periods, no asymmetric information - a fair, decentralized, innovation launch method. Check out the IBO Schedule here.

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