About Crew3

  • Will there be an airdrop for completing Crew3 tasks?

There is no countable amount for that. There will be an airdrop and WL allocation for the people who contributed to the community, which will be based on the XP.

  • Why are we doing Crew3?

Tiering / questing isn't set in stone especially when the project hasn’t launched yet. However, as a community driven project, Crew3 will take place for all of our activities, including raffle, lottery and WL allocation. We would like to keep the Crew3 tasks even after we have launched, so the tiering system applies thereafter. Crew3 levels remain even after our token has launched. This is why it seems a long way to go as well with this project.

  • If I start with Crew3 now, would I still have time and possibilities for the Private Round?

We are still early, and there will be Private Round batches coming out every week.

  • Why is it difficult to get a Gold launcher?

There are two ways of obtaining tiers - complete tasks / hold tokens. You need to hold enough ALT to get those higher roles with the tiers.

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