There will be many DAOs out there. Eventually, all DAO’s token price will converge to the backing of its treasury – like a mutual fund. A DAO’s treasury is the direct representation of its community. When you join a DAO, you are joining a community that reflects your values, more so than a memecoin. We set out to back and help build the future of metaverse and gaming all powered by the MOVE Ecosystem, and we have designed our roadmap to reflect that.

Phase 1

  • MOVE DAO Launch
  • Staking and Minting Live
  • MOVE-USDT Bonds
  • USDT Bonds
  • Application Live
  • Growth Hacking Stage 1: Development Launch
  • APT Bonds & more stablecoins Bonds
  • ALT Bonds
  • Coingecko, Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Dashboard Updates (More metrics)
  • 4,4 Bonds

Phase 2

  • Growth Hacking Stage 2: Validation – More Marketing Partnerships
  • Launch of DAO
  • Treasury Vault Strategies to earn risk -adjusted returns
  • Listing on Centralised Exchanges
  • MOVE Bank: Lending and Borrowing Protocol
  • Further Partnerships
  • Audit
  • Dual incentivized liquidity pools
  • Real World Assets Bond Offerings
  • Metaverse & GameFI Liquidity Bond Offering(s)
  • Cross Chain Liquidity

Phase 3

  • Growth Hacking Stage 3: Scale – Reach Product Market Fit and Self Sustained HypeMachine
  • General Cross-chain expansion
  • MOVE BRIDGE (Cross-Chain)
  • IRL & Metaverse MOVE Events