🤑Passive Income Strategy with Staked Aptos

Adding a passive income stream is crucial in achieving financial freedom and with crypto innovation - everyone can start today, at AptosLaunch.

This is a Step by Step Guide on how you can build a Passive Income Strategy with Staked Aptos, Abel Finance and AptosLaunch. There are 3 main steps you need to do:

  1. Stake $APT on Tortuga

  2. Supply $tAPT on Abel Finance

  3. Stake $ALT on Aptoslaunch

Earnings comes from:

  1. Aptos Network Staking Reward with Tortuga

  2. $tAPT Supply Apy

  3. $ALT Staking Reward

Step 1: Buy Aptos Coin ($APT) from centralized exchanges. All top centralized exchanges currently support $APT trading. For example:

Step 2: Once you have bought $APT from the centralized exchanges, you can deposit your $APT into your crypto DeFi wallet. For example:

Step 3: Once you have registered $APT on your wallet, you can then withdraw the $APT from your centralized exchanges and deposit into your crypto DeFi wallet. You can check your balance on your wallet.

Step 4: Once your wallet have received $APT from the exchange you will need to go to Tortuga Finance Website: https://app.tortuga.finance/

Connect your wallet.

Click on Get TAPT

Inset the number of $APT you want to stake and click on Continue

The more APTOS you supply it will help the APTOS network to get more secure.

Understand the unstake process

Approve the transactions on your wallet. You can check your wallet balance of $tAPT once its complete.

Step 5: You would need to register $ALT and confirm on your wallet. You can register $ALT on https://staking.aptoslaunch.io/staking

Step 6: You can now go to Abel Finance (Aptos Grant Project and AptosLaunch Spaceport Project) at https://abelfinance.xyz/#/markets to supply your $tAPT as collateral.

Step 7: Once you have supplied your $tAPT as collateral, you can now borrow $ALT at https://abelfinance.xyz/#/markets

Stake your borrowed $ALT to get 20%APY

Step 1: Once you have the borrowed $ALT in your wallet. You can check your balance on the Top right of the portal at https://staking.aptoslaunch.io/staking or on your wallet.

Step 2: Stake your borrowed $ALT into the $ALT Staking Pool to get 20% APY at https://staking.aptoslaunch.io/staking

How do you profit?

This is a pure passive income strategy that requires little effort. You will profit as long as:

The $ALT staking rate at https://staking.aptoslaunch.io/staking is consistently at 20% APY.

Note*You can always repay the $ALT should you not wish to continue with the strategy. Not Financial Advice.

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