SuiLaunch Tiers & Insurance

At SuiLaunch, we strive to give everyone a fair opportunity to participate in our Sui Launchpad projects, just by holding SLT tokens (SuiLaunch Tokens).

With our success from AptosLaunch, SuiLaunch will follow a similar Tier system that is tailored for Sui projects.

Ensured Whitelist

Users only need to possess a specific number of SLT tokens in accordance with the appropriate tiers; otherwise, the procedure has been streamlined to give all SLT token holders the most customized Launchpad experience possible. Users only need to enter their Sui wallet address for the whitelist when a new project on SuiLaunch launches, and allocations will be guaranteed based on how many SLT tokens they have in their possession.

SuiLaunch Tiers System

Users will be divided into tiers based on the quantity of SLT tokens they possessed in order to ensure a fair distribution; holders in the higher tiers will have greater advantages, such as the ability to participate in early rounds and receive allocations of a larger size. Depending on the project, either a lottery system or first come, first served may apply. Every project is unique.

First Come First Serve (FCFS)

The actual sales of projects will run on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis for the whitelisted participants following the tiers. For example, Silver members can take part in Silver round and the following rounds (Bronze, Public), whereas Gold members can take part in Gold round and the following rounds (Silver, Bronze, Public). This tier system is implemented to guarantee fairness in the distribution of IDO/IEO tokens so that all participants may easily obtain them without a single party obtaining a high percentage of supply, prevent the system from being gamed, and boost the value of SLT tokens.

Lottery - basis allocation

The actual sales of projects will run on a Lottery-basis for the whitelisted participants following the tiers. For example, the more SLT tokens a user has, the higher the tier the user is allocated to, the more lottery tickets the user can claim, the higher the allocation the user has.


One of the most amazing features at AptosLaunch is our insurance feature, where we have helped all our launchpad participants to protect their principal capital when backing launchpad projects. SuiLaunch will follow the same insurance principle and tech, so our community can invest in our launchpad projects with conviction. For more information on the insurance feature, please visit


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