Tutorial of Buying IDO(ERC20)

ERC Chain - Metamask

Step1: Click on the right top APT/ETH is to switch network

**Please make sure the top right corner shows "ETH"

Connect your individual wallet by clicking "Connect" at the top right corner

Step2: Select the Metamask wallet

Step3: Click "Approve"

You will need to approve before you purchase, click on approve and approve the transaction on your Metamask


Select the project you would like to purchase. Insert the amount you want to purchase


You can decide whether you would like to buy the insurance (only with APT)

Toggle Right is "Getting Insurance"

Toggle Left is "NOT Getting Insurance"


Make sure you have enough USDT

The amount you insert is based on "USDT amount"

Click "Invest button" once you confirm the amount & approve on the metamask and complete the purchase.


You will be able to see your purchase by clicking Portfolio tap

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