TGE Claim Tutorial

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Step 1:

Connect your individual wallet by clicking "Connect" at the top right corner


Click on Staking to go to the Staking Page


Click on "register tALT" and confirm on your wallet.

Step 4:

Click on "Claim", the total tALT amount you receive will be same as the unlock TGE token amount under your portfolio.

Token Conversion will be completed at Epoch Time

Step 5:

Click on "register ALT" and confirm on your wallet.

Step 6:

After Claimed you will able to see your tALT amount on your wallet


You can covert your tALT into ALT by clicking on Convert - and input the amount you would like to convert, and confirm on your wallet.

(Once you convert, you will lose the 40% APY from the TGE Token Staking Bonus)

Check your balance on the Top right of the portal or on your wallet.

Staking & TGE:

At TGE, everyone who participated in our IDO rounds will need to register the TGE-ALT ($tALT) tokens in their wallet.

$tALT Tokens will be claimable an hour before the TGE. via Step 4 on

  1. This $tALT token automatically has a 40% APY staking yield on it. After receiving $tALT, you can either:

  2. Once you have claimed $ALT using your $tALT, you will not be able to swap it back to $tALT to enjoy 40% APY.

  3. There will be other staking pools for staking $ALT, but with much lower yield.

  4. Contract addresses for the tokens will be provided in later announcements.

ERC - 20 Participants:

You must provide:

  1. Connect your erc20 wallet on crew3

  2. The ERC-20 address you participated the IDO with

  3. The Aptos Address you wish us to send your tokens to

Unable to see your portfolio

If you are unable to see the token on portfolio, please fill up your address here, you will be able to see the balance within an hour

Unable to see your insurance

For TGE purpose, we have make the UI simplified for less distraction for our users, launchpad page will be return after TGE that includes our insurance, landing page, staking pool list

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