🤑Compound Bond-In Strategy with Vesting Swap

Adding multiple passive income streams will catalyse your path towards financial freedom. At AptosLaunch, we have built great products and have partnered with great projects to help you achieve it.

Compound Bond-In Strategy

This is a simpler Passive Income Strategy than the Passive Income Strategy 2.0 (Enhanced), only requires a few steps and minimal effort. Before you try this strategy, make sure you understand all our docs, in particular our passive income strategies:


  1. Bond-in $APT on our Vesting Swap Feature at https://staking.aptoslaunch.io/swap to get discounted $ALT

  1. After the vesting finishes, sell the $ALT back to $APT

  2. Bond in the $APT again on our Vesting Swap Feature to get more discounted $ALT

  3. Repeat Step 2 to 3.

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