🤑Passive Income Strategy with Aptos

Adding a passive income stream is crucial in achieving financial freedom and with crypto innovation - everyone can start today, at AptosLaunch.

This is a Step by Step Guide on how you can build a Passive Income Strategy with Aptos, using AptosLaunch. There are 3 main steps you need to do:

  1. Supply $APT

  2. Borrow $ALT

  3. Stake the $ALT you borrowed

Earnings comes from:

  1. $APT Supply APY

  2. $ALT Staking Reward

How to Borrow $ALT?

Step 1: Buy Aptos Coin ($APT) from centralized exchanges. All top centralized exchanges currently support $APT trading. For example:

Step 2: Once you have bought $APT from the centralized exchanges, you can deposit your $APT into your crypto DeFi wallet. For example:

Step 3: Once you have installed the wallet extension from either one of the wallets above, you would need to register $APT and confirm on your wallet.

Step 4: Once you have registered $APT on your wallet, you can then withdraw the $APT from your centralized exchanges and deposit into your crypto DeFi wallet. You can check your balance on your wallet.

Step 5: You would need to register $ALT and confirm on your wallet. You can register $ALT on https://staking.aptoslaunch.io/staking

Step 6: You can now go to Abel Finance (Aptos Grant Project and AptosLaunch Spaceport Project) at https://abelfinance.xyz/#/markets to supply your $APT as collateral.

Step 7: Once you have supplied your $APT as collateral, you can now borrow $ALT at https://abelfinance.xyz/#/markets

Stake your borrowed $ALT to get 20%APY

Step 1: Once you have the borrowed $ALT in your wallet. You can check your balance on the Top right of the portal at https://staking.aptoslaunch.io/staking or on your wallet.

Step 2: Stake your borrowed $ALT into the $ALT Staking Pool to get 20% APY at https://staking.aptoslaunch.io/staking

How do you profit?

This is a pure passive income strategy that requires little effort. You will profit as long as:

The $ALT staking rate at https://staking.aptoslaunch.io/staking is consistently at 20% APY.

Note*You can always repay the $ALT should you not wish to continue with the strategy. Not Financial Advice.

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