Become LP and Bond Your LP token

How to Mint

Step 1: Acquiring Move Token and APT Before you can provide liquidity for Move token and APT, you need to acquire these tokens. You can purchase Move token from Pancake Swap or Bond In from And, APT from supported cryptocurrency exchanges or platforms that offer the token. Ensure that you have the required amounts of Move token and APT in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Step 2: Connecting to PancakeSwap

Open your preferred web browser and navigate to PancakeSwap ( Connect your Aptos wallet (e.g., Martian) to PancakeSwap by clicking "Connect" in the upper-right corner of the website. If you are not already connected to the Aptos Chain network, select "AptosChain" from the network options in your wallet.

Step 3: Adding Liquidity

Open your preferred web browser and navigate to PancakeSwap ( Click "Add Liquidity" and select Move token from the list of available tokens. Enter the amount of Move token you wish to provide as liquidity. PancakeSwap will automatically calculate the equivalent amount of BNB required for the liquidity pool. Next, select APT from the list of available tokens and enter the corresponding amount. Confirm that the liquidity pool is balanced with both Move token and APT. Click "Approve" to allow PancakeSwap to spend your Move token and APT on your behalf. Once approved, click "Supply" to add liquidity to the pool. Confirm the transaction using your connected wallet.

Step 4: Managing Liquidity After successfully adding liquidity, you can manage your liquidity pool as needed. You can:

View your liquidity position by navigating to the "Liquidity" tab on PancakeSwap. Add more liquidity by providing additional Move token and APT to the pool. Remove liquidity by clicking "Remove" next to your liquidity position and following the instructions.

Step 5: Navigate to and type in the amount of MOVE - APT LP Tokens you would like to use in order to mint MOVE. Make sure you are not trying to mint more than is allowed.

Step 6: If this is your first purchase, you need to approve the MOVE Ecosystem Fund contract to spend your MOVE - APT LP Tokens. Click "Approve" and sign the transaction.

Step 7: After the "Approve" transaction has been processed successfully, refresh the page. The "Approve" button should be changed to display "Mint" by now.

Step 8: Click "Mint" and sign the transaction. Voila, you have minted your first MOVE using MOVE - APT LP Tokens!

Step 9: Youy will be able to check the amount that is avaliable to claim everyday!

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