Where are the extra ALT tokens coming from?

Fees charges for other projects using the Vesting Swap function.
Vesting Swap will be charging 0.3% transaction fees from other protocols that uses this Vesting Swap function on AptosLaunch
Market making liquidity
AptosLaunch generates revenue from market making, 70% of the market making revenue will be used to contribute to the initial AptosLaunch Token Vesting Swap Pool
Increment of Market Cap
The incentive for LP Vesting Swap will increase the total value of the ecosystem that provides the protocol opportunities to generate further income from trading
Ecosystem Tokens
AptosLaunch will be using a portion of the ecosystem tokens to support “ONLY” the ALT Vesting Swap. The purpose of this is to increase our Liquidity pool either in DEX or in CEX.