How do we determine the incentives for Vesting Swap?

AptosLaunch will be utilising market making revenue as the benchmark to provide the instant bonus % as for the locked incentives. The incentive token will be provided mainly via 3 channels:

  1. Fees charges from other projects that use our proprietary Vesting Swap Function

  2. Market making liquidity revenue

  3. AptosLaunch ecosystem tokens

  4. A limit of daily purchase amount

Here is an example demonstrating how it works:

For example

  • The extra bonus for Vesting Swap is 2% (The bonus rate is constantly changing based on our market making performance and market volatility.)

  • The lockup period is 7 days and each epoch time is 6 hours, which means there will be 28 epochs in total

  • The ALT token price is 0.1 USDT

  1. A user uses 100 USDT to purchase ALT via the Vesting Swap Function with the 2% extra bonus.

  2. The total expected tokens received will be:

USDT * (1+ Extra Bonus) / TokenPrice

100 * (1.02) / 0.1c = 1020 ALT

  1. 1020 ALT will be released to the user across the lockup period; 7 days. There will be a total of 28 epochs for the next 7 days. Each epoch time is 6 hours.

  2. The user will be receiving 36.43 ALT per epoch, which means 145.714 tokens a day for the next 7 days.

  3. Note* Once you have swapped the APT for the discounted ALT using the Vesting Swap Function, the APT will become the protocol own liquidity - stabilizing the protocol

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