SuiLaunch Generational Wealth Compound Bond-In Strategy (400% to 800% APY)

Adding multiple passive income streams will catalyse your path towards financial freedom. At AptosLaunch, we have built great products and have partnered with great projects to help you achieve it

Generational Wealth Compound Bond-In Strategy

Turn your $APT, $tAPT, $MOD and $lzUSDC into Yield - Bearing Asset ($SLT) for 400% to 800% APY 🔥

This is a supercharged simple Passive Income Strategy using $SLT (SuiLaunch Token), $ALT (AptosLaunch Token), $APT (Aptos Token) and other crypto assets - only requires a few steps and minimal effort. Before you try this strategy, make sure you understand all our docs, in particular our SuiLaunch IBO & passive income strategies:
$SLT (SuiLaunch Token) Token Address: 0x8b2df69c9766e18486c37e3cfc53c6ce6e9aa58bbc606a8a0a219f24cf9eafc1::sui_launch_token::SuiLaunchToken
$ALT (AptosLaunch Token) Token Address: 0xd0b4efb4be7c3508d9a26a9b5405cf9f860d0b9e5fe2f498b90e68b8d2cedd3e::aptos_launch_token::AptosLaunchToken
$APT (Aptos Token) - Get from major exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin ... etc

Steps (Bonding Available for $ALT & $APT, $tAPT, $MOD, $lzUSDC)

Bonding is now available for:
  1. 1.
    Check the $SLT/$ALT trading price at https://dexscreener.com/aptos/pcs-486
  2. 2.
    If the $SLT/$ALT trading price at Pancakeswap is:

Bonding Options now include $ALT, $APT, $tAPT, $MOD, lzUSDC

Once your selected the asset you wish to bond in, your Bonding In Your Asset page should look like this:

Note* Make sure your approve twice so the transaction go through.

3. If you bought discounted $SLT in our Vesting Swap feature, your $SLT will now vest in a 7 days lockup period. Each epoch time is 6 hours and you will receive $SLT at each epoch, Total there will be 28 epochs.
4. Once you have the $SLT, you can either:
5. Repeat Step 1 to 4.

How to to get $SLT/ALT LP Tokens?

  1. 2.
    Go to https://aptos.pancakeswap.finance/liquidity and provide your $SLT and $ALT as liquidity.
  2. 3.
    Once you provided the $SLT/$ALT liquidity, then you should have the $SLT/$ALT LP Tokens.
  3. 4.
    Use your $SLT/$ALT LP Tokens to stake at AptosLaunch to enjoy 800% APY
$SLT Token Address: 0x8b2df69c9766e18486c37e3cfc53c6ce6e9aa58bbc606a8a0a219f24cf9eafc1::sui_launch_token::SuiLaunchToken $ALT Token Address: 0xd0b4efb4be7c3508d9a26a9b5405cf9f860d0b9e5fe2f498b90e68b8d2cedd3e::aptos_launch_token::AptosLaunchToken