Join Spaceport [Projects]

The First Step in building the AptosLaunch Universe begins here - If you are a project founder on Aptos or in the Move ecosystem - we would love to hear from you!

🎁 How to participate as a project?

If you are a project owner and are interested in participating in this AptosLaunch Spaceport, please complete our google form


The following rules apply to the submissions:

If you are reaching out to projects, make sure to let them know that you are doing research on their behalf for an AptosLaunch Hackathon, and please invite them to AptosLaunch Demo Day if they’d be willing to speak.

Projects must be within the Aptos/Sui space

Only one entry per team will be accepted.

Submitted projects must be in their early stages and willing to accept funding from investors (both pre-token or already trading)

Each entry must include a complete description of its respective project

πŸ“ Evaluation Criteria

  1. Competency and thorough execution of pitch-deck

  2. Business value, market mapping and growth potential

  3. Level of innovation and originality

  4. Roadmap feasibility / probability of execution

What should your project prepare for the AMA?

  1. Project Overview β€” what problem is it solving? What is its competitive advantage?

  2. Competitors β€” Who are the competitors?

  3. Value Proposition β€” what is its value proposition? Is there a product market fit?

  4. Investment Stage β€” what stage is the project in? Has it raised funds?

  5. Summary β€” elevator pitch your vision and the business opportunity for this partnership.

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